About Us

Lil MwaE Techworld is a software development company in Kenya that was founded on the simple basics of coding.
We specialize in developing high quality guaranteed software solutions that maximize profitability in today’s business.

Our Business Strategy
Our solution-based approach is key to solving today’s problems for tomorrow’s prosperity. We believe that Africa and
more so Kenya faces unique problems that tabled on a global view demonstrate a state of extreme need and lack of a realization of the riches from within that when properly harnessed would yield the crucial fruits of prosperity.

Our business is to harvest the riches from within by employing the use of extreme talent and brain power to develop fully customizable technical solutions to our Africa’s unique problems. Prior to the advancement of Information Technology (IT) such issues as instant communication, research data into advanced medicine and such were in a deplorable state ,
a thing that is now fast improving, thanks to the latest technology.

So, who are we?
Based in Nairobi’s Westlands area, Lil MwaE Techworld is a rapidly growing tech firm that continues to offer world class business solutions to corporate enterprises, SMEs as well as individuals. Officially registered in Kenya in the year 2017, Lil MwaE Techworld was a confirmation of a long dream come true from our founding fathers. Born from the Lil MwaE
Inc group of Companies, Lil MwaE Techworld was set aside as just a technical solution provider for businesses. We specialize in developing software programs for every unique need of a business, be it process improvement (Invoicing, Payroll, employee management, Point Of Sale, Inventory Management, Biometrics Solutions, Order/Sales Tracking,
work output tracking and management, Cost Management and Data analysis). Other services offered by the business include, and not limited to, Mobile App Development, ICT Consultancy (outsource IT services) , Web Design and Hosting, Branding, Graphics Design and Advertisement, Computer Networking, Digital Marketing and CCTV Security Systems.
Our dedicated team is always on standby to offer help in the most innovative way possible.

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